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Directly to your smart wallet in your phone!

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The Veiðikortið 2024 „Fishing Card „now directly to your smart

If you do have iPhone then it´s no problem to install, but if you have Android you need to install the SmartWallet app. After that you can simple open your camera on your phone and scan your QR-code that you will receive by email.

Enjoy – now you can never loose your Fishing card!

Note – you can only order one eCard at a time, so if you like to order 3 eCards you´ll need to order 3 times.

If you rather like to order the „Fishing Card“ plastic version sent to your home address then please order here:  There you can order unlimited cards.

Please be welcome to take a look at the „Fishing Card“ brochure
before buying to see information about the lakes involved by
pressing here

Access 36 lakes with just one fishing license card.

The Veiðikortið 2024 “Fishing Card” is a very economic choice for fishermen and travellers. With the Veiðikortið “Fishing Card” in your phone you can fish almost as much as you like in the 36 lakes involved. The lakes are situated all around Iceland. Each Veiðikortið 2024 “Fishing Card” package includes one license card, and pdf brochure can be found in „card info“or on the website. The brochure includes all general information regarding the lakes involved, maps and travel. Veiðikortið 2024 is valid only for 2024 and doesn´t permit fishing at rivers.

Please print out picture of your eCard that appeares in your confirmation email. That is for the dashboard of your car when fishing in certain lakes, like at lake Þingvallavatn and lake Elliðavatn.

Please print your picture if you can to put in your dashboard!