Fishing card 2024




Veiðikortið 2024 – (The Fishing card) – is a very economic choice for fishermen and travelers. With Veiðikortið in your pocket you can fish almost as much as you like in 36 lakes around Iceland.
Some lakes are open all year around, but most of those open on May 1st and close on September 30th.
When you buy Veiðikortið you receive a brochure, unfortunately only available in Icelandic, with all information about the lakes, maps and information about how to get there. You can find English translation on the web,, where you can print necessary information about each lake.  We will send you the card free of charge with standard air-mail.
Please note that delivery time can take 1-3 weeks, but normally it is about one week to Europe and 2-4 weeks to other locations.
Here is also a payment link if you have any difficulties with check-out.
Please note that you can also have e-card version directly to your smart wallet! Just comment „e-card version“ in the comment field and we send you the qr code by email to activate your e-card.


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